Haresh Majmundar

Haresh MPast President – Haresh Majmundar, BS, CNMT, PET, RT(N)(CT), FASNC


I am working as Sr Nuclear Medicine Technologist at City of Hope National Cancer Center and been privilege to represent you all as a president of PSWTC of SNMM for year 2016-17. I have been working technologist for more than 3 decades in the field of Nuclear Medicine, PET/CT, Radioimmunotherapy and Molecular Imaging.

As past president, I had form a “Fusion & Molecular Imaging Technology Taskforce” lead by Jeanne Dial last year. As the technologies are merging and developments of new therapies using radioisotopes, I think the field is changing fast and we needs to look at the future and educate our self to face the challenges.

Also, we added a job board for our members on our Nucgang website..

I am committed to representing all members of PSWTC and serving nuclear medicine and molecular imaging professionals through educational programs, outreach, networking, and advocacy as described in our mission statement.

As a past president I am also leading the nomination committee for the year 2019 and I would love to hear from any member interested to run for the office.

Haresh Majmundar, BS, CNMT, PET, RT (N)(CT), FASNC