Reactor Side Chat- June 2018
11th Jun


Reactor Side Chat- June 2018



Dear Colleagues,

June 5, 2018

Address by the President of the PSWTC by internet via the Nuc. Gang Website. Delivered from the Presidents’ office situated close to the nearest nuclear reactor in the area.

Dear Colleagues,

We are a little more than 21 weeks into 2018. In case you have not been keeping score did you know there have already been 23 school shootings where someone was either hurt or killed? Considering everything else also going on in the world today this is a disappointing statistic.

As Nuclear Medicine technologists, we have a difficult job. We see lots of pain and suffering. We deal with people who are not always at their cheery best. It can be a grind and if you get caught up with what is going on all around us, it can be difficult to remain optimistic and keep a positive attitude towards our patients let alone the rest of humanity. Are there any good people left in this world?

I would like to answer the question I just posed with a resounding yes. There are really just small groups of people who are causing what seems like a monumental amount of chaos, which is causing a lot of angst among all of us.

When you are working, try not to let the chaos get to you. Treat each patient with respect and dignity and give everyone the best you have to give.

If you are feeling a bit down at times, try a little mindful musical pick-me-up. Hum a few bars from the Up with People theme song. If you are not familiar with Up With People, Google them. Listen to the song so you get the rhythm.  It’s catchy and once you hear it, it is hard to get out of your head.  Sort of like the Disney song, It’s a Small World. Just the kind of song you need to revive your faith in the human race and give you that positive lift.

Up! Up with people! You meet ‘em wherever you go, Up! Up with People! They’re the best kind of folks we know. If more people were for people, All people ev’rywhere, There’d be a lot less people to worry about, And a lot more people who care.

Looking forward to seeing everyone in Las Vegas next month.


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