Reactor Side Chat- May 2018
17th May


Reactor Side Chat- May 2018

Dear Colleagues,

May 7, 2018

Address by the President of the PSWTC by internet via the Nuc. Gang Website. Delivered from the Presidents’ office situated close to the nearest nuclear reactor in the area.

Dear Colleagues,

How powerful is a word? A word or words used together can evoke a variety of feelings, emotions, or reactions. What are some powerful words that have been used both past and present that have moved masses or maybe just held special meaning for you? How about those three little words, “I have a dream” or that legendary one word reply “Nuts!” Anyone know/remember where that came from?

When you hear the word nuclear how do you feel? Nuclear Medicine, nuclear weapon, nuclear reactor, nuclear energy. For most people I bet nuclear has a negative image associated with it. Do you think that generally people are able to distinguish good nuclear from bad?

Let us see if even we can agree on what might be considered good nuclear. I would like to offer two choices for good nuclear. Number one would be Nuclear Medicine. (That one should have been obvious.) Number two I think should go to nuclear power generation.

Are you proud to be a Nuclear Medicine Technologist? How do people react when they find this tid bit of information out about you? Is it a showstopper when your E Harmony match finds out you are a Nuclear Medicine Technologist? All because of the word nuclear?

The next comment is mine, and mine alone and does not reflect the position of the PSWTC. Here we go. I think the abandonment of nuclear power is disappointing if we are serious about global warming, climate change, and saving the planet. Did you know it only takes 0.02 ounces of that nuclear stuff referred to as enriched uranium to provide all of your household power needs for a whole day? Compared to 450 square feet of solar panels, or 234 cubic feet of natural gas, or 33 pounds of coal.

In view of the foregoing, dear colleagues, choose your words wisely. Strive for understanding, and compassion in what your say.

See you in Las Vegas in July. We will be using words like nuclear, radioactive, and isotope a lot.

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